Burn Zombie Burn DLC and Home Space - July 31st 2009

The arcade zombie killer gets some DLC and a brand new virtual space.

Burn Zombie Burn was received with critical acclaim when it was released exclusively on the Playstation Network Store earlier this year. Not only is it still one of Sony’s biggest selling downloadable games, but it’s now going to get additional content and a space in Sony’s Second-Life: Home.

You can never have too many zombies to kill.

Little has been mentioned about Burn Zombie Burn’s incoming add-on, the only detail is its title: Burn Zombie Burn…In Space! It was first unveiled mysteriously as a non-selectable option from the main menu after its latest update. It’s caused much controversy as what quite “…In Space” means, but I know many of you out there have your own ideas of Captain Kirk, Laser Blasters, Aliens and others all toasting the undead and slaughtering them for high scores.

Fortunately for us news reporters, the Home Space based on BZB has been given a large amount of details about what it will contain. It is to be released tonight in the American Home, and should arrive in the EU version soon after. The virtual area is located in a graveyard, and boasts two main features; a hedge maze mini-game, and a disco crypt. The mini-game allows players to venture to the end of a hedge maze and avoid zombies along the way. If you get caught by a zombie you have to try again, or can just quit the game. If you, however, manage to get through the spooky maze without getting devoured by a flesh and brain eating zombie, you can receive a free t-shirt for your troubles! The disco crypt is a tomb full of zombies, vibrant colours and a collection of music from the BZB game to which you can do the Monster-Mash to, or simply boogie with some chums.

BZB had a successful release on PSN back in March.

The Home space looks like a perfect addition to the current trend of game-based areas and it’s great that developers are backing up their games, even after they’ve been released a few months ago. I’m sure the 3.4 million registered users (seriously!?) of Home will enjoy the scary atmosphere the space will bring, as it’s certainly a contrasting environment to the usually cheery and happy Home Square.

- Sam Foster