LBP Costume Previews: InFamous and Marvel - July 29th 2009

We preview the two hottest costume packs coming to LittleBigPlanet, inFamous and Marvel comics.

inFamous Pack:

By now, we all know that Media Molecule have released hundreds of costume packs (and a level pack inspired by MGS4!) and they have recently collaborated with other companies and developers to utilize the amount of customisation found in their title.

Over the past few months we’ve seen Slimer and the Ghostbusters head on down to LittleBigPlanet, as well as characters from Shadow of Colossus, and even a deal from Disney to ensure that Captain Jack Sparrow and Cinderella will arrive soon, but the latest is Cole from one of this year’s biggest titles - InFamous.

InFamous is a sandbox superhero/anti-hero game, very similar to Prototype, where you can make decisions that affect gameplay, how NPC’s react to you and your appearance. There are two costumes coming to LittleBigPlanet, both based on the lead electrically-powered hero; Cole. The first being the good karma version, with a blue electricity ball, the second is similar in every way apart from it holds a red electricity ball.

These are perfect for both InFamous and LBP fans alike. It is expected to surge into the store next Thursday and cost approximately 1.49 each/for both [date and pricing may be subject to change].

Marvel Pack:

At Comic Con last week, over at the panel dubbed “The Next Generation of Marvel Video Games”, three concept renders of LittleBigPlanet costumes for three of the biggest superhero’s from Marvel were found. Those getting the SackBoy treatment were Iron Man, Captain America and Wolverine. No release date was confirmed, nor was whether these were the only 3 heroes to be transformed into costumes for the cutesy Sack-People. It seems the perfect time to cash-in on these particular characters as all 3 are involved in movies for the near future and have recently been seen in previous films.

Iron Man was a great success, and the sequel is due for release next year, Wolverine: Origins is one of this year’s highest grossing movies as well as the original X-Men Trilogy which was released over the past decade. This is sure to propel the popularity of these two, and Captain America has been due a film for what seems like forever! The renders can be viewed below, but remember these are still only concepts and in need of further development.

- Sam Foster


Media Molecule