LittleBigPlanet DLC Round-up - March/April 09 - 15th April 2009

LittleBigPlanet may have been released last year, but that doesn't stop Media Molecule from releasing free and paid-for content on a regular basis!

A 'blogger', over at the official LBP website (, Sam Protagonist, last month revealed a large number of upcoming content for Sackboys and Sackgirls, alike, to enjoy. Below is a list of the costumes:

Killzone 2 Mini-Pack - 19/03/09 - 2.99

Sev and Helghast Trooper Costumes
32 ISA and Helghast Themed Propoganda Stickers/Decorations

Buzz! - 26/03/09 - 1.59

Tribute to everybody's favourite Jason-Donovan-voiced-quiz-host; Buzz!

Patapon - 02/04/09 - 1.99

Contains a character based upon the drummers from the highly anticipated PSP title-Patapon 2. Also includes a selection of various weapons including a sword and bow/arrow.

Heavenly Sword Mini Pack - 09/04/09 - 2.99

Nariko and Kai costumes
27 Heavenly Sword themed stickers/decorations

Ancient Monkey - 16/04/09 - Free

A mysterious, and mythical primate, seemingly based on the Japanese mid 80's children's cult-classic; Monkey.

The rumoured Bumblebee costume has yet to be confirmed and the Sephiroth/Final Fantasy Pack is scheduled for release later this year.

- Sam Foster

- Dates and Prices May Be Subject To Change



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