Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - The Future of the Online FPS? - 12/06/2008

The Enemy Territory series has been made world famous for its online PC shooter phenomenon; Quake Wars. It surprised many PC gamers, and proved to be a solid shooter, even whilst holding huge numbers of people online. But how has this transferred onto the PS3 and 360?

Many of you will already know that if you want to play an online game, the PC is the way to go. It is the gateway to an online world and player modifications can be made in place of developer's decisions. With UT3, for the first time, PS3 users were able to download mods off the internet and apply them to their game to add more maps, weapons and even a third-person camera view! CoD 4 followed afterwards which focused on bringing the already thriving community of the PC scene over to home consoles and began to implement party systems and a fantastic service. This allowed gamers to create a “party”, invite friends and then enjoy a brilliant session of online gaming with those invited friends, without having to constantly re-invite people after each game. CoD 4 proved that by pushing online capabilities, home-console-lovers will buy, and this really shows that the online fan base is moving onto the consoles and developers seem to be using this to their advantage.

ET: QW also introduces a ranking system, much the same as others from games prior to it. The only problem with it is that it serves no purpose than to give players bragging rights. One of the plus sides to the game however, must be the vehicles. Each one has been carefully designed to offer the same fire-power, but a different look for each team. They give lots of alternative strategies to take and some can transport up to 3 other players inside to blast your way as a team through various objectives.

The vehicles add another dimension, but are one of the only real positives in the game.

After almost a year after being released on the PC, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has been ported over to the PS3 and 360. With strong competitors from across the board, this title had to deliver the goods to prove itself among the best online FPS's out there. To tell it straight, no, Quake Wars isn't the behemoth of multiplayer goodness that it once was. Whether it's the just about passable classes (which add no spin on how the game unfolds), or the unbearable frame rate during matches, nothing seems to favour this title.

Unfortunately, it pushes no online boundaries, technically. The only thing that is a plus from this iteration, is that its mission-based-objective game play adds several new twists, but it's not exactly unique to a FPS and has been done in hundreds of shooters before it.

Once the action gets a little frantic, frame rate issues begin to plague the game.

Overall, if you're looking for a FPS that you can spend hours online with, ET: QW is not the ideal choice. The PC version was clearly superior, and this is a real shame, especially after it was released more than a year previously. There are loads of decent shooters out there, and whilst this may not be the cream of the crop, it's certainly not the worst.

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- Sam Foster


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