Batman: Arkham City Review Roundup - October 31st 2011

Batman: Arkham City has definitely been a highlight of this year, and so in honour of The Dark Knight's triumphant return, we've got separate reviews of the full game and the Collectors Edition for you to enjoy.

Batman: Arkham City - Review

"Batman: Arkham Asylum managed to defy all preconceptions by making a mockery of the movie to videogame stereotype. No-one really saw it coming. The goodwill that developer Rocksteady have managed to cultivate following its launch back in 2009 has fed right through to the release of Arkham City. Taking the caped crusader out of prison hallways and letting him loose upon the naughty inhabitants of a makeshift criminal dystopia seemed like the logical next step. With a smorgasbord of villains and more gadgets than ever before, The Dark Knight has returned in his most accomplished adventure to date".

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Double takedowns are awesome.

Collectors Edition - Review

"Batman Arkham City Collector's Edition is a good package on the whole, with some decent content that many players will enjoy. However, there are some omissions that I think could have been included seeing as this is the ultimate edition of the game. The Robin DLC should have been a part of this edition (rather than a Game/Gamestation exclusive) and I also think another nice addition would have been the Arkham City comic book that bridges the gap between the previous game and this one. Despite these issues, the Collector's Edition is still a great package and one that definitely warrants its slightly larger price tag."

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All in a days work for the Dark Knight.

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