Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy Competition - 16/09/2008

Our latest competition is in tandem with our upcoming review of Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy, a point and click adventure set in sixteenth-century France.

To be in with a chance of winning one of three copies, simply answer this question:

Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy is set in which European country?

Send your answers to with the subject title: Nostradamus Competition before the closing date of midnight on September 30th 2008.

For a full review of the game log onto the site tomorrow. In the meantime, content yourself with details of the game below:

'It has been three years since Catherine de Médicis' rule as regent came to an end, but she still holds the reins of power, making her the target of repeated attacks from the French nobility. One day in March 1566, when she realises that she has fallen victim to a terrible curse, and turns to her doctor and astrologer, Michel de Nostre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus.

The French setting is captured in the environments in game.

Unfortunately, the famous prophet is too old and weak to take on such a mission alone. Refusing to abandon his Queen in her hour of need, he sends his daughter Madeleine in his place. However, there is no such thing as women astrologers, let alone women doctors in medieval times. To be accepted as such, the young woman must go in disguise and assume her younger brother César’s identity.

Alternating between Madeleine the young woman, and Madeleine disguised as César, players are plunged into a thriller where political scheming and ancestral prophecies are intertwined. The game begins as an initiatory adventure in the footsteps of her father Nostradamus, and transitions into a suspenseful test-riddled forensic investigation as you are faced with one murder to another.'


- The first-ever game based on the life and works of Nostradamus
- Defeat the last prophecy of the great astrologer Nostradamus and change the course of history
- Become a criminal profiler centuries in advance as you investigate a series of murders perilously linked to the royal family
- Play as 2 different characters throughout this thrilling adventure
- Unravel a series of Machiavellian riddles and puzzles based not just on astrology, but also alchemy, apothecary and ancient runes
- Delve into Renaissance Provence and discover rich photorealistic environments faithfully recreated to reflect the time of Nostradamus
- From the creators of best-selling adventure series: Atlantis, Egypt, Versailles and The Secrets of Da Vinci

The man himself.

Entrants must be residing in the UK. The closing date for the competition is midnight of September 30th 2008. We reserve the right to withdraw the competition due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Winners are picked at random from all correct entrees.



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