Galactic Civilizations II: Endless Universe Competition - 23/09/2008

We are pleased to be offering the chance to win one of three copies of the stand-alone expansion pack Galactic Civilizations II: Endless Universe. It's a fantastic sci-fi themed turn-based strategy series that has consistently received great critical and public acclaim.

You can read our review of the original Gal Civ II here, which we loved. Remember too that this 'expansion' is fully functional in standalone form so there is no need to feel as though you are missing out from not having experienced the original if that is the case. You also get the two add-ons released so far, 'Dark Avatar' and 'Twilight Of the Arnor', making this great value at its 19.99 RRP and even better for free!

For a chance to win it, answer this question:

Where is Galactic Civilizations II set?

a) Underwater
b) In Space
c) On Earth

Send your answers to with the subject title: Galactic Civilizations II Competition before the closing date of midnight on October 23rd 2008.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the question above.

'Galactic Civilizations II is the best selling strategy game in the United States, has received several awards, and spent a number of weeks in the U.S. Top Ten Game Charts. Endless Universe builds on the epic story, following on from Dark Avatar and Twilight of Arnor.

Thanks to Dark Avatar the different races now have multiple characteristics which adds variety and fun during the game. Now, the races range from “super-diplomatist” to “super-destroyer”. Also, Dark Avatar provides the planets with environmental conditions. Thus, the player needs to decide whether he wants to invest into research and development or leave the planet to a hostile player. Furthermore, Dark Avatar presents new scenes, new challenges, asteroids which can be used as mines, new races, and a new version of the spy system.

Retaining the addictive gameplay but packed with new features.

Further differences in characteristics between the races are provided by Twilight of the Arnor. Here, the player can experience new features, starting with individual developments to race-specific weapons, skills and buildings. In addition, there are sensational improvements to the planets, many new star ships, a much bigger galaxy, and a new soundtrack! On top of that, “Twilight of the Arnor” includes editors for the planets, scenario, and technological development.'