City of Heroes/Villains Competition - 11/06/2008

To celebrate the release of Issue 12: Midnight Hour, the latest update for the critically acclaimed City of Heroes/Villains MMORPG, NCsoft are providing three copies of the game, as well as a bunch of City goodies to go with them.

We gave this double pack an 8.4 back in August last year, when Issue 10 came out, citing the regular updates and already impressive feature set as reason enough to try the game out. You can read our review here, but bear in mind that we'll be providing a full feature outlining what Issue 12 in the next week.

Essentially, the game(s) see you take the role of either a brave superhero, or an evil supervillian, over a large sprawling metropolis: Paragon City for the heroes and the Rogue Isles for the villains. You can design your own character and get some really crazy crime fighting (or causing) teams going, and this should certainly be the game of choice for any comic book fanatics hoping to try their luck at a bit of it themselves.

The double pack in all its glory.

To win the game and the 45 days of free play included, a highly limited edition black t-shirt, complete with Paragon City's skyline on the back, and a poster, just send an email to the following address, complete with the subject line: City of Heroes/Villains Competition:

For now, we'll leave you with the closing paragraph from our review:

"City of Heroes and City of Villains are brilliantly crafted MMORPGs that are no less impressive now, or less fun, than they were three years ago. The subscription costs are balanced out by the fantastic Issues/updates that Cryptic have consistently released, and generally, if you've ever fancied being a superhero or supervillain, but would rather do it online with your friends than dressed in spandex in your bedroom (calm down) then Heroes and Villains is the best there is."

The awesome t-shirt, as seen from the back.

The closing date for this competition is midnight on June 25th 2008. We reserve the right to withdraw the competition due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. This competition is only open to UK residents.



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