Bounty Bay Online Competition! - 12/09/2007

We're pleased to announce our second competition in a month, with the chance to win a copy of Yusho and Snail Games' Bounty Bay Online, a 15th Century action MMORPG based around pirates, worldwide wars and trading.

Bounty Bay is one of the more interesting MMOs this year, and you can read our preview of the game to find out more. Here's a small excerpt to get you in the mood:

' Bounty Bay is looking like one of the most in depth and involving MMOs of the last few years. You can actually succeed in the game without killing, and that's a commendable feat which many other games strive for, but ultimately fail in accomplishing.'


For two lucky winners, you'll receive a copy of the game and a trendy Bounty Bay bag, as well as the first months play included for free.

For runners up, there's a number of games and keys to be won, so your chances are good! Entry instructions are below.

Entry Instructions:

To enter the competition, all you have to do is head on over to, and answer this simple question:

'What date did Christopher Columbus reach the bay at Honduras, and the first European set foot in the America continent?'

As a hint, you can find the answer on the 'The World' page of the website, in the scroll box. Yes, this competition's both fun and educational! You should sign up for the open Beta as well, which closes on Friday, so do it now!

Send your answer along with your full name and email address to The game's great fun, we heartily recommend it hearties!

If you're not a winner, the game will retail for 19.99 RRP starting this Friday, that's the 14th of September. It's published by Frogster Interactive, developed by Yusho/Snail Games exclusive to PC/DVD-Rom format. The packshot is below, and you can find the official website at


1. Your entry must be received by midnight of September 21st to be considered valid.
2. You must have a United Kingdom address to receive your prize.
3. Our decision on winners is final, and we may withdraw or change the closing date of the competition without notice, at any time.

Send your answers to



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