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Q. A lot of characters in the game use the word "ploughing" as an offensive term. What does it mean?

It doesn't mean anything specific, but we just decided that ploughing was a popular swear word in medieval times! We felt that creating unique dialogue was important, and it was successful because it was memorable.

Q. Was there a technical or business reason for choosing the Xbox 360 over PlayStation 3 as the console of choice for porting the Witcher 2?

The PlayStation 3 is a great platform, but our team is made up of individuals who as a whole have more experience developing for the Xbox 360.

There are over 100 changes and fixes that have been implimented.

Q. Your fan base is obviously very important to you. How willing are you to compromise your design philosophy in the name of fan specific requests for certain changes?

We believe that it is important to solidify the overall vision of our games before engaging with fans. However, once the game is released, we believe that process of change belongs to the people. The rise in social networking has allowed us to communicate more freely with gamers, and our forums in particular have been a big part of the Witcher 2's post release development.

Q. If there is a future for this series, will you always draw on the source material of the books in order to shape the narrative, or will you try to create adventures that are completely original?

We're really not thinking about the future right now, as the Witcher 2 remains our focus. To be honest, after we ship the 360 version, the team is planning a vacation!

I turn my back for five minutes, and look what happens. Honestly.

Q. What were the most challenging aspects of porting the game from PC to a console platform?

We had to rewrite a lot of the engine code in order to adjust various gameplay elements, which in some ways was a nice excuse for us to revisit things that weren't quite right the first time around. We also spent a lot of time compressing all of the content so that it would be a manageable size for the Xbox 360.

Q. What other single player games have, indirectly or otherwise, influenced the development of the Witcher 2?

Fallout 1+2, Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, and Red Dead Redemption are all very popular titles within our team. Even though they each focus on different settings and play styles, the one thing that remains consistent is that the story always drives the experience. This has been our primary focus whilst making the Witcher 2.

We'd like to say a big thank you to CD Projekt, Namco, and the team at BAFTA for hosting a fascinating, and thoroughly enjoyable event. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition launches for Xbox 360 and PC on 17th April 2012.

Jon Titmuss

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